Animal Healing


My healing gift with animals is a safe, nurturing yet powerful system that heals the mind, body and spirit. The benefits of healing are wonderful, for all physical and emotional concerns and I have over 20 years of experience working with both animals and people.

I merge with your animal companions energy field and move into a state of knowing, whereby I act as a catalyst for change. Please read the testimonials page to find out how animals have benefitted from healing.

The relationship between you and your animal companion is special. Did you know that your state of balance and health can affect your pet’s wellbeing? Maybe you are caught up in the past or anxious about the future. Perhaps you are experiencing grief, anger or fear? We do not always realise how we hold ourselves, but our animal friends never miss it. They are continuously mirroring back to you how you are feeling within your emotional and physical body.

Healing is also recommended to prevent illness as it helps to align all their energy systems, encouraging long and lasting health.

I work remotely, which is of great benefit to both you and your animal companion. You will not have to rush or travel to see me, all I require is a photograph and for you to fill in a form once your payment is complete.

If you have any further questions, please contact me by email.

I look forward to helping your animal friend.

Rachel Bolton.

The benefits of a remote healing session on Oscar the Whippet.

Oscar, our 11 year old whippet, looked as though he was struggling to walk and our walks were getting shorter. He had a soft tissue sarcoma recently removed from his leg and likely arthritis, in his shoulders and joints. In his nature, he also struggled to show affection or move towards us if he wanted a fuss and would typically move away.

Rachel gave Oscar a distance healing, throughout which Oscar lay very relaxed and sleeping on the settee. There are visible changes in how he walks and carries weight on his front legs, and he looks alive again. Within a couple of days, we were walking greater distances and playing ball- galloping on the field. He has also gotten much more vocal when he wants something and begun to make steps towards us.

Rachel also offered us advice about feeding Oscar and other things which could help him ongoing. She helped me with the ‘how ‘ to do things for him as well as ‘what’ which I found made it all possible for me.

Rachel will continue to work with Oscar over the coming months to support his recovery.

The owner prefers to remain anonymous.

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