I have over twenty years of experience healing people and animals and as well have developed a unique healing session for you and your animal companion, with a focus on dogs, cats and horses.

If we are happy, vibrant and balanced, your environment which includes your animals will reflect this energy back to you.  If our animal friends are unwell or emotionally challenged, we should take a closer look at our selves, as they rely upon us to keep our energies protected and aligned to be in a healthy state of being.

You are an exquisite form of consciousness, continuously expressing your belief systems which are affected by so many factors which can make us complicated beings. Therefore, the reasons why we have arrived with physical and emotional problems may seem a little elusive. Healing works on many levels to bring about wellbeing.

My gift allows me to move into a state of knowing where I see and feel areas that require attention and then work to clear that which does not serve.  I was born with a gift to heal animals and people and it has developed over years of dedicated practice.

My sessions are now conducted remotely, which is beneficial for busy lives as there is no need to travel for an appointment.  If need be I can organise a session for your animal companion while they are home alone, or if I am to work with you, we schedule a  time that can be quiet and relaxed.  All appointments include a telephone consultation a full day after the healing session.