The benefits of healing are immense.

  Emotional wellbeing is restored.

  Confidence is renewed.

Anxiety leaves.

Burdens are lightened.

Physical ailments heal as more focus is given to these areas.

Your cells are energised and your whole system balanced.

Blockages are removed.

Your aura is cleared.

Spiritual unfolding.

 Your lifes’ direction is highlighted and deep insights are found.

 You move out of fear based thinking into a more positive outlook that has a profound effect on the rest of your life.  

Old ways of thinking move off as you open and allow the new to unfold.  .

Your healing sessions are very powerful yet so nurturing and restorative. 

Your healing sessions will be the catalyst for change.

We are all energy – We are all vibration – raise your vibration and be the change.

My name is Rachel Bolton and I am a healer offering a unique and powerful healing energetic vibration. Your time with me will bring your mind, body and spirit into alignment. Physical healings occur as well as bringing about balance for your emotions and expansion of your spiritual self.

The amount of physical ailments in the body can be endless but they are all an expression of the inner you. They show how you have moved away from alignment and how you are allowing old constructed negative patterns to influence your every day reality. Addressing these patterns, that can come from this life or past life is essential, allowing you then to live out the wonder of who you are, being in a place of well being. People with physical ailments who have come for healing have had some of the following problems: Painful bad backs either through trauma or life style, neck trauma or pain, arthritis, irritable bowel, headaches, migraines, hormonal imbalance, dry eyes, numbness of the hands, broken bones, sciatica, sore throats, problems with knee replacements, knee problems, broken legs, haemorrhoids, constipation, gynaecological problems, palpitations, tumours and cancers. With all of these conditions there was release of what was no longer wanted and each came to a place of well-being.

I also channel energy that works on releasing emotional problems before they start to affect the physical body. Some of the issues people have brought to me are: depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, exhaustion, stress, mother and father issues that are still with them in the present, family feuds, grief, marriage break ups and divorce.

People also come when they are at a point where they do not know where to go next in life. The healing helps to wake you up to who you are and what you are here to do, helping you at the crossroads of life.

I also offer advise on healthy living.  I will teach you how to eat more healthily.  I can advise you on some herbs and supplements that can improve your quality of life.

We are also very inspiring, helping you to find that spark within your self to go and do what ever it is you want to do.

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Tel: 01364 653 788

With love, light, healing and peace.

Rachel Bolton