I have over twenty years of experience healing people and animals and as well have developed a unique healing session for you and your animal companion with a focus on dogs, cats and horses. 

My gift allows me to move into a state of knowing where I see and feel areas that require attention and then work to clear that which does not serve.

 I was born with a gift to heal animals and people and it has developed over years of dedicated practice. I am also gifted with years of knowledge and wisdom all of which can be experienced through telephone consultations as well.

Please explore my website to find out how I can help you.  


A Little About Myself

I have been healing for over twenty years and within that time also studied Acupuncture and Herbal medicine and Australian Bush Flower Remedies but no longer use this method of healing within my practice as I prefer to channel straight from the source of all that is to bring about healing and change.

My healing abilities have such a wide energetic field that I can be working on someone or an animal, and anyone else present will also feel the benefits.  It encouraged me to run larger healing circles, whereby a group of people would gather, and I would offer a space that allowed the group to experience healing all at the same time.  

I now choose to work remotely. Distant healing sessions are just as powerful and effective as seeing me in person. 

I was born in West London in 1969 and moved to Devon when my son was just a year old.  He is now fifteen.  I have journeyed with my son as a single parent and explored all forms of education for him, including private schools, State schools, forest schools and a year of home education.

I love nature and live at the foot of Dartmoor in a small town called Ashburton. My location gifts me with an abundance of wild space, including rivers and woods. I walk every day with my dog and have had years of walking with my son as well. 

I also love to explore other countries, especially with my son and I have a great passion for New Zealand and have so far been twice as well as Arizona and Mount Shasta in America, but have also been to Australia, South Africa, Hawaii, Bimini, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Thailand, Sri Lanka and other states in America including New Mexico, Texas and Florida.

I am also an artist, expressing my self through clay sculpture, painting, drawing and photography and music,  with much of my inspiration drawn from my surroundings. I also like to create from my inner world that allows me to express in ways that I trust bring about healing and insight to those who observe it.  I am also at present studying towards a BA Honours degree in Art and Humanities with the Open University.

I am now nearly fifty years of age, but in my late twenties, I established a freedom boarding holiday home for dogs, living with an ever-changing pack of up to sixteen dogs.  I lived like this seven days a week for seven years and wild walked with them twice a day.  It gifted me with an excellent resource of knowledge about the way of the dog.  Healing was an integral part of their stay.

I have a passion for eating fresh organic food and drinking clean water, as I believe high vibrational food is a must for a healthy body and mind. I do not compromise on this and extend this to my son and dog and offer the same belief system to my clients if they are interested.

I encourage you to look around my site and find ways in which I am able to help you.

With love and light.
Rachel x