Healing for People

                    My gift of healing can help you with your life’s journey.


I want you to realise that your physicality is more than capable of bringing about healing.  The problems we face is the resistance we have towards the healing process.  Therefore, much of my work is moving and transmuting all the energy patterns that are contributing towards the physical expression that you are no longer happy to experience. As well, moving into the heart of the matter of what contributed towards the expression and feeling in the first place.  We can do this as the power is in the now and all that has gone before is right here and right now, so all available within the healing session.

A session can also bring about greater awareness as it helps to expand your consciousness past the self-imposed restrictions of your self. A healing session can also instigate a better communication with your inner self, higher self which contributes to a life led by trust, belief and inspiration that can change your way of life.

I have over twenty years of healing experience and choose now to work remotely.  I ask you to send me a photograph and any information that is relevant to your session.  Two days after your healing session, you are also given a twenty-minute telephone consultation. 

I can not tell you how many sessions it will take to resolve any issues that you are experiencing.  What I can say is that every session will bring about change and any session afterwards works from that improved space.

You can also choose to have further telephone consultations with me if you feel it would be of benefit to you.

I would like to add if you have an animal companion, I also offer the shared healing session which you can find out more details from by following: : http://www.touchthespirit.co.uk/home/animal-healing/

I look forward to helping you.

With love and light.

Rachel x