Healing for People

           Healing can help you with all physical and emotional concerns. 


Healing package

A personal healing session for you including a telephone consultation.

I want you to realise that your physicality is more than capable of bringing about healing.  The problems we face is the resistance we have towards the healing process.  Therefore, much of my work is moving and transmuting all the energy patterns that are contributing towards the physical expression. As well, moving into the heart of the matter of what contributed towards the expression and feeling in the first place. 

A session can also bring about greater awareness and helps you connect to your inner guide which contributes to a life led by trust, belief and inspiration that can change your way of life.

I can not tell you how many sessions it will take to resolve any issues that you are experiencing.  What I can say is that every session will bring about change and any session afterwards works from there.

You can also choose to have further telephone consultations with me if you feel it would be of benefit to you.

I can also offer mentoring which can help you move forward in many ways which works wonders if accompanied with healing as well.

I would like to add if you have an animal companion, I also offer the shared healing sessions which you can find out more details from by following:

: http://www.touchthespirit.co.uk/home/animal-healing/

I look forward to helping you.

Love Rachel x

Hypertension and life issues

As soon as I met Rachel I felt an immediate charge in my system and an energy to work with the tools that Rachel was offering, and I felt in a very safe and nourishing space.

The first healing session left me in a state of bliss and I felt the reverberations and energy flow in my lower back for about a week. I did not go chasing this effect it was just there.

Rachel is very intuitive and questions your heart felt directions, answering sometimes very difficult topics with a maturity well beyond her young age. I place full confidence in Rachel and wholeheartedly put her teachings in place in my life. I have been using “Afformations” to replenish and restore my negative belief system and I am working on listening to my body and following my heart.

I have good days and bad days and sometimes feel overwhelmed at the pace and volume of understanding that is required of me at work. Rachel has helped greatly in allowing me the confidence to challenge my belief system and enjoy self-acceptance.

I went to Rachel with Hypertension and coupled with the healing sessions and lifestyle changes my blood pressure is in a controlled state for the first time in a long time.

Rachel is very passionate and dedicated in her spiritual path and has engaged and encouraged me to follow my dreams. I would recommend anyone reading this testimonial to work with Rachel and enjoy her positive healing space.

My client would prefer to keep his identity to him-self as he feels his healing journey is private.

Rachel is awesome!

My very new little baby boy Bodhi has also seen Rachel when he was but a wee 5 weeks old. He also was having digestive problems and was very unhappy after feeding. I didn’t realise at the time but the healing session was for the both of us and after it he didn’t stop smiling at me…and still hasn’t, much to my hearts delight. With another session and again Rachels gentle guidance his problem has gone away and i no longer worry after feeding him that he will be in pain or be sick.

Her magical gifts have opened my heart and helped me to find myself.

I am so grateful to all that is for guiding me to her and for empowering me to be me.

I was so nervous to try this out for fear of all the scary things i had buried deep down for many years and really didn’t want anybody to see.

Thanks to Rachels powerful gifts and her gentle guidance i have been able to experience huge transformations in my inner and outer world. I can throw my hands up in the air and smile and say thank you out loud because this is how it makes me feel.

I continue to visit Rachel and am still learning and understanding the journey I am on.

For whatever reason or rhyme you might feel inclined to see Rachel just go for it, it is more than worth it!

What more can i ask, Rachel has been a beacon of light for me and so many that i love and care for.

Rachels allows you to feel empowered in your own abilities and intuition and to trust yourself and therefore all that extends around you.

When you have healing with Rachel not only you benefit but everyone and everything extending from you, the knock on effects are amazing!

Apart from me seeing Rachel, so has Bella, my boxer dog who had problems with her digestive system. This was helped by healing and a change in her diet as suggested by Rachel. We haven’t been back to the vets since.

Thank you….endlessly xxxxx

Sula Goddard – Devon

Discovering an inner peace

When I “found” Rachel, it was at a time when I’d been feeling very negative for a number of weeks. I’m someone who tries to be positive and do my best, but for most of my adult life I’ve struggled with depression, which drags me down, and in the last two years I’d been diagnosed with OCD.

I’d mostly come to terms with that, learnt from it, benefitted from doing a mindfulness course and also from taking up yoga. But long term issues of still deep down not being happy with whom I am, with not fully liking myself, still persisted.

I was set on taking a long break some place far away, instead I found Rachel on my own doorstep, and in one short session the warmth, love and light generated stayed with me, renewed and enhanced by a second session two weeks later.

I went along without any idea what to expect and no expectation, but with hope. Rachel’s healing, kindness and wisdom were more than I could have hoped for. The next day I woke feeling smiley and happy, a feeling that has remained since. It’s something I want to keep working on, to keep with me.

My rather boisterous one-year-old lurcher also had a healing session on that first occasion, and is now much calmer, and we are both really enjoying this better connection, the fun we can have with each other.

The positive benefits have flowed into other direct areas of my life, improved relationships with people close to me, a new energy to my work and creativity, and best of all discovering an inner peace.

Thank you Rachel. You have a special gift.

Jo Earlam – london

Having healing with Rachel is a hugely powerful catalystic experience. The depth at which she heals is phenomenal, and through ‘surrendering’ to the process, by that I mean trusting and letting go, I have got in touch with myself on a much deeper level. I have felt stuck, old energy literally surge out of my body, and she has helped me to release old pains, which felt like they were not from this lifetime, and some which are.

I feel stronger emotionally, mentally and physically, and my body feels ‘lighter’, in a way that I haven’t felt for many years, possibly since early childhood. I am also feeling more aware of when I am tending to slip back into old ways of being, and can recognise these feelings within me, rather than just experiencing physical complaints.

After a healing session I have sometimes felt like crying, sleeping, and jumping for joy (not always at the same time though!!). Rachel lovingly gives advice at the end to be gentle with yourself and any other messages that she feels the need to give to you  I am going through, and have been going through some major changes and challenges in my life and relationships in recent years, and seeing Rachel has helped so much. Its a challenge going through letting go of old ways, but so worth it.

Lisa Green