Healing for People

During the healing session quartz singing bowls will sing around you offering a healing vibration that contributes to your whole healing experience. There is a very large 18” quartz singing bowl that also sits beneath the healing couch and she too will sing helping you to earth and heal. During the whole healing session essential oils are burning and white sage will be burnt towards the end as it helps to clear and cleanse negative energy and has a beautiful aroma.

As the healing session comes to a close I will then encourage you to sit up and drink some water. It is at this time you can share any experiences you may of had and a time that I can impart any other information that can contribute to your healing. For example dietary   advice, life style advice and mindfulness.   If you imagine a stone dropping in to a lake and the ripple effect it causes, when you leave from the healing session the healing continues just like the ripples over the lake.

After every healing session you are encouraged to be gentle with your self and to maintain a high vibration by eating and drinking foods and water of the highest quality.  We also discuss mindfulness which is such an important part in keeping you aligned to you higher self.  I trust you are now more aware of a healing session with me and I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Peace, love and light

Rachel x