What you can do when the cold bugs come along.

What you can do when the cold bugs come along.


So when the bugs come this late Autumn and early Winter you need to help your body help its self!  It is not just what you take it’s what you don’t take as well.

The bugs are everywhere and our immune system has to deal with so much in an already toxic world. So when viruses and bacteria flood your system at this time of year your immune system has to work really hard as other dormant viruses can start up in your system as well.

So here are just a few things that I’m doing right now.  Please note I am recommending that all food is fresh and organic, if it is not, you are ingesting more pesticides which only puts more stress on your immune system. You inhale and deal with  lifetimes worth of pollution why would you want to ingest any more ?

When I wake up I squeeze a whole lemon into a very large cup,  I then grate fresh ginger into it and then add a heaped teaspoon of honey.  Next I add boiling water which is  Dartmoor water.  I have not drank tap water for over 20 years.  Tap water if full of chemicals which do not serve you.

Why do we drink this?

Well, all night long your body has been busy detoxing on your behalf. So the lemon water helps to flush out the toxins your liver has gathered up.  It also helps to hydrate you.  When you are sleeping it is the longest you will go without fluid so it is important to do that.  The ginger really helps with detoxing as well and the honey contributes to much required glucose levels.

Next I will juice celery on its own. This helps to Alkaline the gut.  The large intestines are very much related to the lungs especially at this time of year.  So looking after your gut really helps to support your lungs.  The celery really works on cleansing all aspects of your body.  It also helps to support your adrenals which is really important in life generally but when you are sick your adrenals are working extra hard as your system is on red alert as it is under attack.  You might notice before you get sick you might get a surge of energy and wonder why – it is your adrenals kicking in.

After I give the celery about twenty minutes to work, I start juicing a whole cucumber, 4 apples, a peace of ginger and more celery.  I also add spinach and/or Kale and a whole orange and a whole lemon.

I then cut up one clove of garlic and chop it up very finely and drink it down with water.

I then start juicing fruit smoothies which can be anything.  This morning I had Mango, banana, apple juice, aloe vera juice and blueberries.

Every Tuesday morning at 5.30am my Riverford order arrives.  Half an hour later my work top is jammed full of fruit and vegetables all waiting to be juiced or smoothied, a few days later the amount has dropped so much.  I am saying this as I want you to know how much fruit and vegetables you can consume very easily every day!

I am also taking colloidal Silver twice a day. Silver ions give a healthy boost to human blood cell production, including white blood cells, which are an integral part of the human immune system.

I am drinking Pomegranite juice as it helps to cleanse the blood.  When virus and bacteria die off you need to get them out of your blood stream as well.

I am taking Cats claw, sometimes in powder and sometimes in capsules.  Cats claw is a powerful virus inhibitor.

I am taking Red clover in tincture form.  It is great for respiratory system congestion and it’s great for general cleansing. It is beneficial for cleansing your lymphatic system and helps with removing toxins from your body.

I am drinking Nettle tea all day as well.  If my supply that I have collected locally has runs out I buy the dried nettles from the health shop.  Nettles stimulate the lymph system to boost immunity.  

I am  drinking large amounts of water.  Large amounts of water are required all day every day but more so when you are unwell as you have to help the body eliminate the toxins it is collecting for you.

I also take additional:

Vitamin C,  Rose Hip, Vitamin B complex, Vit B12, Selenium, Vit D, Zinc as well as a host of other things that I feel I need at any one time.

I am drinking Turmeric in hot water.  Turmeric is a great anti inflammatory.

I am taking Siberian ginseng to support my adrenals.

I drink “calms magnesium” at night.  We are really busy and the magnesium is so calming and helps feed the body as well as giving you a restful nights sleep.

I take plant based minerals every day which can bought through my practice. I know I eat and drink a large volume of fresh fruit and vegetables but Mother Earth is deplete in her minerals as the soil has been over farmed so I also take addtional minerals to support my body systems.

I am drinking barley and wheat grass.

I am also bathing in Himalayan Salts to pull out toxins.

I have four defusers in the house and I am defusing the following essential oils:

Eucalyptus, Cinnamon Bark, Lemon, Thyme, Clove, Rosemary.  All helping to kill virus and bacterial infections.  I also make up oils to rub on my chest, this evening I used Coconut oil as the carrier oil.

As well as the essential oils, I am also burning Sage around my house to clear and cleanse my personal space.  Sage can be brought from my healing practice.

I meditate to connect to higher self to align my self to well-being.

I pray!  Before I pray for my self I first ask for others. I ask for healing for Mother Earth and all that is and anyone and anything I am drawn to speak of.  I ask for the light of God to be here on Earth through all that is.

“Guardian Angels, Healers and Guides, Masters on the inner planes, the Elohim, all working for the light and Mother Father Holy Spirit please (add what you would like to ask for) –  I give thanks”

I ask for an Axiontal Alignment which is like your meridian system passed your physicality.

I ask for etheric acupuncture.

I ask for etheric vitamin and mineral shots.

I ask for all negative energy and entities to be cleared and cleansed from my four body systems and anything else I have not thought to ask for in this or any other language.

I ask for all negative energy to be transformed to the light.

I also ask for the clearing and cleansing of my family including my animal friends.

I am keeping warm but I also remember to open the windows to let fresher air in at least once or twice a day.

When I wake up in the morning I ask for the light to clear and cleanse my bed as you do so much clearing through out the night.  I also add salt to my washing when I wash my bedding, this also helps to clear a lot of energy that you clear whilst sleeping.

Get some early nights.  Don’t sit up late, go to bed and allow your system to rest and heal.  If you can power nap for 5 or ten minutes.  Sometime I lie down and set my alarm for just 10 minutes and it makes such a difference.

About three weeks ago I had a few colonics all to help clear and cleanse the gut.

I am watching my thoughts, words and deeds and working to see and speak through higher self.  Every day walk with Gods self, mighty I AM presence.  Every day wake up and know that you work for God x and realise at the same time you are God! x

This is a really good time to send forgiveness to all those you are harbouring bad feelings towards.  Holding onto negative feeling towards another not only drains your energy but it does not let you connect fully with your God Self.

Ok – so although this will not stop the bugs all together as there is a process – it will stop them making you feel really bad.

So what do you want to stop in order to help your body.

Avoid all junk food.

Avoid fatty or fried food.

Avoid refined sugar.

Avoid alcohol.

Avoid smoking and other peoples smoke.

Avoid wheat.

Avoid dairy.

Avoid negative people and negative situations.

Avoid over the counter cold relief as much of it is sugar and not giving your body what it needs to fight and be healthy.

Avoid recreational drugs all the time.

So  I am doing all of the above  and yet I still have a cold and a chest infection  but I am not pulverised by the bug I am just a little compromised.

Try any of the above and see if it helps you on your journey through the winter

With love and light.

Rachel x