Animal Healing

My healing gift with animals is a safe, nurturing yet powerful and effective system

for all physical and emotional concerns. 

I have over 20 years of experience as a successful healer and now only work remotely with the aid of a photograph, which is very helpful if you have a hectic schedule.

Healing Packages

A personal healing session for your animal companion and a follow up telephone consultation.

A combined healing session for you and your animal companion and a follow up telephone consultation.

I also have a passion to teach you how to feed your dog a fresh and natural diet.

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 A Testimonial from Sula Goddard for Nanuk and Bella

Rachel has treated our dog Bella in the past. The problems we had with Bella have never re- surfaced. We went from fairly regular vet visits to never returning to the vets for the same problem in 6 years. With the healing and advice from Rachel those problems are no longer an issue.

So, when my family and I discovered our 10 year old boxer dog Bella was pregnant I contacted Rachel.

Firstly, I wanted to just ask advice as we had never had puppies before and also to ask if she might know of homes for them in the future.

Rachel said she didn’t see a lot of puppies. She saw 2 and one was not so good. She also advised us to be ready sooner rather than later as she thought Bella would have them before anyone had predicted she would.

And so, a week before her ‘due date’ Bella ended up needing an emergency caesarean during which one pups placenta had come away and so it was starved of oxygen and another 2 which were described as deformed and ‘non-viable’ were also lost. I think these two were dead already though. So, we were left with one tiny survivor, who probably would have been the runt if there had been a litter.

Rachel suggested we supplement her with milk as Bella wasn’t producing enough milk at that point. She also gave us advice about Bellas diet that would help milk production and general health during a particularly taxing physical time for an older dog. We followed her advice and Bella was doing really well and coping with the new situation so well.
I was in touch with Rachel and things seemed to be ok.
One day our tiny puppy started to go downhill. She very quickly lost a lot of weight and was very dehydrated. The vets told us she was in critical condition but they couldn’t take her in to help with a drip or anything because she wouldn’t make it without her mum. We left feeling deflated and really worried about how to help the puppy.

I contacted Rachel and we arranged a healing session. Before the session began the puppy had not been feeding, was listless and floppy and had started to make a whining sound like she was in pain. It was awful not being able to make her better straight away. We were feeding her with a syringe which is hard and you can’t get a lot in.

Pretty much as soon as the session began she stopped making the noise and both dogs lay down together. I left them to it and waited to see what would happen.

After the session within a couple of hours the puppy had moved around looking for food. She had some life in her all of a sudden. She took the bottle really well and got a good feed. I was over the moon. It truly felt like she had been pulled back to us. She was drifting away and come back.

Rachel stayed in constant contact and was available all day to answer questions and offer advice post healing. Her level of care, advice and compassion is like no other ‘service’ I had ever experienced.

Not only was the advice and healing so helpful but the calm reassurance and hope she gave me when I was buried deep in the difficulty of the situation was like a beacon of light.

Over the next couple of weeks the puppies health and well-being rippled in peaks and troughs. Some days were good, other days were tough and she kept fading away again. Every time I turned to Rachel she was able to offer healing almost straight away or the following morning. And every time after the session the puppy would gain enough strength to suckle on Bella and take food from the bottle. Things were ok again and so we carried on. But, the rollercoaster wasn’t over yet!

The puppy needed so much care it was pretty much intensive treatment for a month. Rachel was with us through it all and I truly felt her support and when necessary her gift to heal and help our little puppy back to a state of more ease.
Then there came a day that Nanuk took a sharp turn downhill. This time I really thought we might lose her. She was so weak and dehydrated that she could barely swallow even with syringing water into her mouth. In all honesty we were almost at giving up point too.

Then I got a phone call from Rachel. She talked me through trying some things to get pup back up and able to feed. I really needed the help at that point and obviously Nanuk did too. She was doing healing as we were talking on the phone. After another couple of hours Nanuk perked up again and guzzled milk down with great gusto.

What a huge relief it was. She has been high and low as we all have on the journey together. But, at every turn Rachel has been there and been able to bring her back to us long enough to keep her going. We didn’t know how long this was going to go on for and it seemed never ending. She was nearly 4 weeks old now.

This was the last session she has had now and since then she has turned a corner for the better and is feeding well, regularly and has started to behave as she normally would at 1 month old. It is so incredible to see her now compared to how she was.

We are all infinitely grateful to Rachel and so glad she chooses to share her gift with all those who need help.

One session I stayed in with them and it was like a beautiful enveloping warm hug.It was such a bright light that held us and I could feel it. I had been to see Rachel and had healing in person but never distance healing. I understood that it was no different in terms of energy but in practice I had not felt it yet. Now that I have there is no doubt in my mind that her incredibly powerful gifts transcend space and for anyone who has reservations about distance healing for their animals or themselves I can, having experienced both, attest to it being no less powerful or having no less effect. In fact, it’s pretty convenient, especially if it’s hard to transport you pet.

Another benefit to it is our whole home felt cleared and was filled with a calm and peace that benefitted all of us.

Bella and Nanuk both spent much time resting together after their treatments which was lovely to see, snuggled up together. Bella was amazing and had no post-operative problems and has benefitted hugely from the healing as well as all the advice offered.

We are so intertwined with our pets and no one understands this better than Rachel, that I’ve ever met.

Her gifts are amazingly powerful but also so gentle and caring. Her genuine care for you and your animals is actually invaluable. I don’t know many people that would be on call as much as she has been for us.

There is no doubt in our minds that without Rachel our little Nanuk would not be with us today.

We are eternally grateful.


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The benefits of a remote healing session on Oscar the Whippet.

Oscar, our 11 year old whippet, looked as though he was struggling to walk and our walks were getting shorter. He had a soft tissue sarcoma recently removed from his leg and likely arthritis, in his shoulders and joints. In his nature, he also struggled to show affection or move towards us if he wanted a fuss and would typically move away.

Rachel gave Oscar a distance healing, throughout which Oscar lay very relaxed and sleeping on the settee. There are visible changes in how he walks and carries weight on his front legs, and he looks alive again. Within a couple of days, we were walking greater distances and playing ball- galloping on the field. He has also gotten much more vocal when he wants something and begun to make steps towards us.

Rachel also offered us advice about feeding Oscar and other things which could help him ongoing.

She helped me with the ‘how ‘ to do things for him as well as ‘what’ which

I found  made it all possible for me. 

 Rachel will continue to work with Oscar over the coming months to support his recovery.                                      

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I also have a passion to teach you how to feed your dog more naturally.

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