Healing for Animals

Energy moves through me into your pet releasing any energy that is not serving their physical and emotional wellbeing. It serves to heal physical problems but any behavioural concerns can also be addressed.

When an animal is first brought to me for healing, you the owner will discuss your concerns regarding your pets’ emotional or physical condition. During this time your pet has an opportunity to be in my company and I too get to observe them. I then ask them to sit or lay down with me whilst I work with them. During this time very often they go into a deep level of relaxation and can fall to sleep. Every animal is an individual, therefore every healing session is unique, but I follow my own unique system of healing. Sometimes a course of healing is required and on other occasions one session works well.

Some owners will bring their pets to help with general well being before a problem arises. This is wonderful as clearing and aligning your pet can act as a preventative system that keeps them in well-being.

The relationship between you and your pet is special. Did you know that your own state of balance and health can affect your pets wellbeing? Maybe you are caught up in the past or anxious about the future. Maybe you are experiencing grief, anger or fear? We don’t always realise how we are holding ourselves but our pets never miss it. They are continuously mirroring back how you are feeling within you emotional and physical body.

I can help you both in my own unique way as I am a catalyst for change, working with both animals and people. When an animal is brought for healing, the owner will be sitting and benefitting from the energy within the room, but what is even more powerful is the joint sessions that I offer, where-by an animal has healing first whilst the owner relaxes and then the owner receives healing whilst your pet then enjoys more of the energy flow. This is a very powerful way of healing you both.

DISTANT HEALING is just as effective for those of you who are unable to meet with me in person. When you contact me to book an appointment we discuss your concerns and I offer up any information that can help as well as asking for you to email me a picture of your pet so I can tune in to them. It is good if you can sit quietly with your pet whilst we work because as I mentioned before you and your pet are very much connected.

I am also qualified with Australian Bush Flower remedies and I can blend essences to address any concerns that you and your pet are experiencing. The blends are natural, safe yet profoundly effective and most often taken for two weeks at a time. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs healing and essences are non toxic.

In the past I started and ran my own freedom boarding establishment for dogs. I would board up to sixteen of them as well as running a day creche for dogs whose owners were out to work all day. I ran this business for seven years, working seven days a week. As pack leader of an ever changing pack I learnt a great deal of wisdom about the kingdom of the dog. Part of their daily routine was being wild walked off the lead at local woodland. Whilst boarding, any dog that had any problems were gifted with healing as part of their stay. This gifted me with a great opportunity to help and learn. I have now taken the years of experience and incorporated it into my healing practice.

To book an appointment with Rachel:

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